Thanks to its rugged design made of impact and shock-resistant ABS plastic, the L-BOXX masters almost any challenge and withstands even extreme uses. It is therefore ideally equipped for the daily use at the construction site. Whether you need to transport heavy materials, various accessories or tools, using the L-BOXX everything is conveniently brought to the construction site with ease.

The L-BOXX is available in four different sizes:
L-BOXX 102
L-BOXX 136
L-BOXX 238
L-BOXX 374

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The LS-BOXX is the logical and sensible extension of the L-BOXX system when even faster access to consumables and accessories is called for. It represents a combination of an L-BOXX 136 and front facing drawer slots that are freely accessible at any time.

i-BOXXes or drawers can be inserted into these, as required. For example, this facilitates transporting Power tools and matching accessories in a single compact unit

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The i-BOXX is a bulk parts case with a transparent polycarbonate
lid that provides a fast overview of its contents at a glance. It is available in two sizes with matching inset boxes for detailed sorting and can take a load of up to 5 kilogram.
Because of its low weight, numerous partitioning options and its flexible uses, the i-BOXX becomes a mobile storage system with guaranteed order for all kinds of bulk materials and accessories.

The wall mount keeps the i-BOXX properly organized and securely stowed in the vehicle.

The i-BOXX can be conveniently carried by itself using the integrated handle, or inserted and removed from the LS-BOXX and the i-BOX® Rack.

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The i-BOXX Rack opens up a maximum of modularity and flexibility. The rack is an individual shelf-type insert for an i-BOXX or a drawer, which can be combined and expanded nearly without limitation.

Hence, you can retrofit the L-BOXX with drawers, expand the LS-BOXX by additional inserts, or add-on an individual mobile shelf for i-BOXXes and drawers. Just as needed and at any time. The system simply grows with your requirements. Even after many years.

Because everything always remains fully compatible with the complete L-BOXX system. And of course everything continues to perfectly fit in the vehicle interiors from Sortimo.

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The LT-BOXX is the latest member of the L-BOXX family. It is the universal companion throughout the day. It has a place for everything that is typically used on a regular basis.

The large opening and wide range of motion on the handle facilitate easy loading and removal, even making room for protruding parts, such as levels.

For instance, the materials required for a customer visit can be quickly assembled in the LT-BOXX and then conveniently carried to the worksite together with the remaining tools.

The LT-BOXX is of course 100% upward and downward compatible with the other BOXXes in the system – ranging from L-BOXX and LS-BOXX to the i-BOXX Rack.

It is also just as rugged and durable as the standard L-BOXXes and of course fits seamlessly into the Sortimo vehicle interior.

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The L-BOXX Mini is the compact and cost-saving packaging alternative for smallest assortments up to 1.5 kg. Through its individually configurable partitioning which is flush with the lid, the BOXX can be adjusted easily and fast to varying contents.

Same like the big L-BOXXes the click system of the L-BOXX Mini is based on spring loaded levers. For time saving and effortless transport the BOXXes can be stacked and clicked together.

The optional transparent lid assures you´ll never lose survey of level and content in the L-BOXX Mini – even without opening the lid.

Not only screws, rivets and co. are stored well in L-BOXX mini. The BOXX is made of food grade material and hence is also excellently suited as a lunchbox for the well-deserved lunch-break!

Thus, the L-BOXX Mini becomes the perfect companion for the craftsman and a popular advertising medium.

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