From the outset, it was our goal to optimise work processes for professional users. Our well-thought-out case system offers important resource benefits to the professional craftsman, as time is no longer wasted on loading and unloading, nor on searching for the right parts and tools. The BOXXes can be connected and disconnected in seconds – meaning that everything can be moved in just one easy trip from the van to the construction site and back.

For quick and efficient work with added mobility Craftsmen work with a multitude of different machine cases, crates and boxes as well as buckets. It can be difficult to monitor stock levels of consumables; transport is hard work; and every day lots of valuable time is lost during loading and unloading, as well as securing cargo.


Optimally configured
for the storage and transport of all types of tools and accessories, basically for everything that the professional needs on-site.

At a glance
Clear organisation and overview, starting in the workshop. This means nothing will be forgotten that is needed later at the construction site.

Simply flexible
The wide range of accessories and modular structure of the BOXX system allows for unlimited additions.

Everything under control
The BOXXes, which are perfectly aligned with the Sortimo van racking systems, can be stowed quickly, securely and tidily! Everything is immediately to hand, both in the vehicle and on-site.