The LT-BOXX is the newest member of the L-BOXX family. It is the all-round companion throughout the day. It provides space for everything that you need to keep to hand quickly and flexibly.

The large opening and swing-out handle make loading and unloading very easy. This means that protruding parts, such as a spirit level, can also be accommodated.

The material required for use at the customer’s premises can, for example, be quickly assembled in the LT-BOXX and then conveniently transported to the place of operation using the other tools. It goes without saying that the LT-BOXX is, of course, 100% compatible with the other BOXXes in the system – no matter whether a L-BOXX, LS-BOXX or i-BOXX Rack.

In addition, it is just as sturdy and durable as the standard L-BOXXes and, of course, fits seamlessly into the Sortimo van racking system.

Simple attachment means it connects to other BOXXes in the system within seconds
Fully clickable in both directions with all L-BOXXes, LS-BOXXes or the i-BOXX Rack
The handle swings out wide for absolutely optimal use of space and easy loading
Extremely durable: Up to 25 kg (55 Ibs) – and when combined up to 40 kg (88 Ibs) – can be transported
in an individual BOXX
Handlebar in the front area for convenient removal from the vehicle rack
Sekundenschnelles verbinden mit anderen BOXXen im System durch einfaches Aufsetzen
In beiden Richtungen voll verklickbar mit allen L-BOXXen, LS-BOXXen oder dem i-BOXX Rack
Weit ausschwenkbarer Tragegriff für maximale Raumnutzung und einfache Beladung
Griffleiste im Frontbereich für eine komfortable Entnahme aus dem Fahrzeugregal
Extrem robust: In der einzelnen BOXX können bis zu 25 kg, im Verbund bis zu 40 kg, transportiert werden



External dimensions (W x D x H):
445 x 362 x 152 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):
378 x 312 x 127 mm
15,6 Liter
2,1 kg

LT-BOXX 136 »


External dimensions (W x D x H):
445 x 362 x 186 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):
378 x 310 x 163 mm
20,1 Liter
2,3 kg

LT-BOXX 170 »


External dimensions (W x D x H):
445 x 362 x 288 mm
Internal dimensions (W x D x H):
378 x 303 x 265 mm
32,2 Liter
2,7 kg

LT-BOXX 272 »