The L-BOXX system – as individual as your target group, customised for your products.

You not only define how your L-BOXX looks, but also all of its contents.
We offer a wide range of standardised compartmentalisation options, but will also be happy to provide you with a custom solution.

On request, we will work together with you to develop individual solutions that are specifically tailored to your needs.
We use our expertise to construct deep-drawn parts, styrofoam inserts or foams to both protect and present your products in the best way.
And we cover the entire process chain – from concept to series production.

Foam inserts

Sturdy, form-fitting and perfectly adapted to your products. Foam inserts offer a clear overview, effective presentation and perfect protection in a single solution.

Individually configured

Adapted to your needs, configured by computer and cut with a laser or water jet. Just as individual as your product.

EPP moulded parts.

EPP mould inserts are perfect for the safe storage and transport of sensitive and complex components. The expanded polypropylene is sturdy, durable and adapts perfectly to the contours of the contents to be protected. This ensures that everything stays safely in place in the BOXX, even when working on rough construction sites.

Standard accessories

Small parts, bulk goods and simple consumables can be stowed away quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively thanks to our standardised accessory solutions. A wide range of possibilities awaits you here.


We are your partner from the concept to CAD planning and prototyping, to reliable and prompt delivery of your custom series,
and are happy to provide you with advice and support. Through the use of a huge range of materials and sampling of several material strengths,
even heavy parts can be held securely and safely in the BOXX.


We see the customer-specific compartmentalisation of BOXXes as a core competence of our trade. We will be happy to share this expertise with you. Whether from 3D data, drawings or scanning the physical sample, we use cutting-edge methods to create customised inserts for your products, and configure them to meet your requirements.

Series production

Manufactured using the thermoforming process, L-BOXX deep-drawn inserts save on tool costs (one-time!) and are a cost-effective compartmentalisation model, particularly in mid-sized and large series.

Are you looking for the right dowel and screw ranges for your cordless screwdriver, or would you prefer a diamond cutting disk for an angle grinder?
Based on what we have seen over the past few years, joint sales ventures are worthwhile collaborations.
That is why we would be happy to provide you with convincing concepts and put you in contact within our L-BOXX partner companies.
Professional craftsmen appreciate integrated solutions and will thank you with customer loyalty!

We have experienced plenty of situations where a case or toolbox that has been established for many years is set to be replaced by the L-BOXX. Making a decision as difficult and far-reaching as this is not easy, and is associated with a certain amount of unpredictability. In order to illustrate the chances of success to both internal and external stakeholders, we are happy to offer one-off promotions. Let’s call it a test run – once you have taken the first step, the response, sales figures and market feedback will exceed your expectations. A significant number of L-BOXX partner companies have entered series production through this type of promotion, and repackaged entire product lines.