The W-BOXX system – as individual as your target group, customised for your products.

Not only do you define how your W-BOXX looks, but also all of its contents. We offer a wide range of standardised compartmentalisation options, but will also be happy to provide you with a custom solution.

Foam inserts

Sturdy, form-fitting and perfectly adapted to your products. Foam inserts offer a clear overview, effective presentation and perfect protection in a single solution.

Individually configured

Adapted to your needs, configured by computer, and cut with a laser or water jet. Just as individual as your product.

EPP moulded parts

EPP mould inserts are perfect for the safe storage and transport of sensitive and complex components. The expanded polypropylene is sturdy, durable and adapts perfectly to the contours of the contents to be protected. This ensures that everything stays safely in place in the BOXX, even when working on rough construction sites.

Deep-drawn inserts

Manufactured using the thermoforming process, W-BOXX deep-drawn inserts save on tool costs and are a cost-effective compartmentalisation model, particularly in mid-sized and large series.

particularly delicate small parts to be stored and transported neatly and without getting mixed up.

Document card 1
The document card enables storage of a calculator, pins, documents etc. It is screwed into the W-BOXX lid.
Up to size A4 format.

Tool card 1
The tool card with rubber loops and pockets for slotting in tools are screwed into the W-BOXX lid.

Tool card 2
The tool card is screwed onto the inside of the W-BOXX lid. It can be equipped with tools on 3 sides.

ProSafe VPE 2 bracket
The bracket, which can be screwed to the vehicle floor, enables BOXXes to be securely lashed when stacked.

ProSafe clamping lock belt
ProSafe brackets combined with the ProSafe clamp lock belt make a compact and cost-effective unit for securing cargo. The W-BOXXes and L-BOXXes are quickly and securely lashed in the vehicle.

Folding aluminium caddy
Dimensions (W x D x H): 490 x 490 x 1090 mm
Folded: 490 x 60 x 760 mm.
Folding caddy made from aluminium for transporting L-BOXXes or bulky items. With an extending handle and 2 large rollers with rigid rubber tyres.
Load capacity: up to 150 kg
Weight: 6 kg